by Nicholas Stevenson

The curse of being an artist is having a short attention span.  If you don't finish your project in a month or two... you drift in to something else. As fate would have it, I have started playing around with the Unreal Editor.  It has a really nice lighting engine, and features a fairly painless work flow for bringing outside assets in to the engine.  IE, building models in Modo and pulling them in to Unreal. I will be posting my creations to my site, and I will eventually start a photo gallery to display them once they are complete. 


My first model that I created for a level I'm cooking up, is an old dusty cabinet.  It's still a bit heavy on the poly count, so it will be trimmed down eventually.


My second model is a work in progress, it's a wall sconce.  The model has prelim textures, but I have everything hooked up in Unreal so I can see the final look as I paint it.



More updates soon