This is a re-creation of the Hamilton watch given to the character Murphy Cooper, in the movie Interstellar. I maid a few creative changes but tried to stay very close to the original design. This was my first foray into Houdini and Redshift, as the package for my personal projects over the last 12 years has been Modo. I am truly at home when learning something new and this pair of software has really clicked.  This was a real project of passion as I devour everything to do with space and science.  


The watch is rigged and fully functional.  A bit of chops, rigging, and a lot of modeling and rendering.  It was a great dive into Houdini and Redshift.


This artwork was inspired by a creation of Hamilton Watches, and is reproduced in good faith.  I have not been compensated in any way for its creation.  


Hamilton Watch's Interstellar Series: