I'm not Dead Yet!

by Nicholas Stevenson

Work has been pretty wild this last year or so, working on Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered.  But aside from that, I have been volunteering my free time am working on short film named Trollbridge.  The web site explains it in much more depth, but basically, the story is an authorized offshoot involving one of the characters of the Discworld series.  The character of Cohen the Barbarian is a very famous character in a series of books created by late Terry Pratchett.  The film is a blend of both live action and digital, which we use to tell the story of Trollbridge.  For this film, I have done several animation sequences involving Mica the Troll, and am currently rigging another troll character named Scree.


The film is always looking for help, so if you have any skills such as Animation, Art, Modeling, Texturing, Compositing, FX, etc.  And have an interest in helping, send off an email and join the team!  The passion from the entire crew is just incredible, and I am very humbled to have the opportunity.  


As a neat aside, a frame from one of my animations is on the main page and is the banner for joining the team.  Very cool...  Again, please, consider helping!